Liberty Instant Cold Pack, Pack Of 5

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For instant and effective, relieve from pains and aches, instant cold pack are extremely helpful. They are also useful for situations such as minor burns, toothaches, insect bites, strains, or sprains.


Instant cold pack has a mark in the middle of the package. The package has a chemical reaction that is activated by simply squeezing the mark on the middle of each pack. This chemical reaction causes an immediate cooling effect on the affected area that relieves the pain and ache.

It has a pack of five instant cold packs in it.


These instant cold packs are specifically designed for sports where injuries such as tissue damage and inflammations are expected.

The instant cold packs are simple and easy to use. The instant cold pack is for single use only because when the chemical components are mixed during the activation, they lose their effect.

Instant cold packs can be used on children, adults as well as the elderly adults.

Instant cold packs are made for external use only. One should not use if broken as the reaction of the chemicals can cause irritation of the skin. You should not cause any puncture.

Doctors, nurses, therapists, care workers, and physiotherapist can use them in clinical setups.