Leg Cast & Bandage Protector

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The leg cast & bandage protector is fashioned to assist patients from the frustrations they encounter when wearing a leg cast. It lessens the damage caused to a patient’s cast by water destruction, while taking a shower. It is worn over the leg cast. It has a watertight seal that makes it possible for patients to walk in the rain or take a bath without worrying. The leg cast & bandage protector can also be used to protect a wearer with rash-ridden areas or a burn on their leg.


The leg cast & bandage protector is made from a recyclable vinyl plastic compound that is abrasion-resistant. This clear vinyl is big enough to conceal even massive leg casts. It then attaches to a tough plastic ring that makes a watertight seal. It also has a connecting rubber diaphragm that is latex-free.

The diaphragm expands over the patient’s leg compactly while it adapts to their natural skin and muscle structure. It then makes a fitted seal and stops water from flowing into the vinyl pouch. This arrangement offers great flexibility and incredible protection. It also affords more security than when covering the cast with plastic bags or sheets to prevent water damage.


It is stress-free to wear and a simple design that makes it ideal to use in the hospital or at home recovering.

A wearer of the leg cast & bandage protector should not wear it when swimming. This is because, the vigorous activity in water may create openings for the water to permeate through the seal.