Adjustable Waist Trimmer Belt

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The adjustable waist trimmer belt is designed to act as an extra piece of cloth for the wearer therefore insulating normal body temperature especially when it’s cold. One can wear this belt either on or below their clothes. It is flexible, light, and it ensures seamless body movements of a patient’s daily activities. That is, either training, weight training, or rehabilitation exercises. The adjustable waist trimmer belt can be used to assist with posture modification, extend the belts rehabilitative potential, and improve blood circulation.

Usually, the adjustable waist trimmer belt is used in weight loss. Sport therapists and medical care assistants who use this belt to offer necessary support to a patient’s lower back muscles. This belt can also be used to assist a patient with back pains.


Its unique adjustability design allows that, one belt can cover all wearers. Another design is the velcro to further enhance the belts adjustability.

The high quality materials enable the belt to support postures like running, riding or even siting positions.


It has a height of 18cm and contains 100% neoprene that is of high quality and latex free.

The belt has unlimited adjustability, until 100cm. It also has velcro closure. The design ensures that compression on the lower back is uniform.


The adjustable waist trimmer belt should be worn for a short time. Wearers should avoid sleeping in them or extending the periods they wear these belts. Also, the people with wounds, neoprene allergies or dermatitis should avoid using these belts.