Back & Lumbar Support Belt

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The Lumbar support belt is a mid-back and lower back support belt for victims of spine issues, scoliosis, lumbar disc, stiffness, or back pain.

Featuring elastic neoprene straps, the Lumbar support belt offers secured support and gives snug to the wearers. Notably, the crossover design of the lumbar support belts is unique and it aids to eliminate stress while lifting, bending, and torsion on the spine.


It comes with a securing Velcro and two straps crossing over each other. This makes it is easy for the wearer to put on. Also, the Lumbar support belt enhances safety and it keeps the wearer feeling secured and supported perfectly while working.

The neoprene straps are elastic to help you maintain an upright posture as it supports your core. The lumbar support belt assists you to improve the art of keeping the correct posture especially when lifting. Shoulders are kept in line when lifting and bending by the lower lumbar support belt. This lower part covered by the lumbar support belt also provides required stiffness to keep the back straight. The design of this belt also keeps weight and pressure away from your back’s sensitive parts and lessens the pain when you move.


This belt is available many sizes to allow more wearers of different sizes.

The neoprene straps are very flexible and the simple design with a securing Velcro makes it easy for a wearer to figure out how to wear it.

The lower back panel is stiff to keep pressure and lessen pain caused by movement.