Ergonomic Memory Foam Neck Pillow

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The ergonomic memory foam is a beautiful and useful pillow designed for neck support. It is designed for extra gentleness on delicate neck muscles to provide responsive comfort.

The product is made to hold your neck in place for an appropriate posture. It focuses on three pressure areas around your neck to help provide adequate resting position for the head.


The curved design is meant to offer comfort to three specific points around the neck for extra comfort of the head. It measures 30x32x10cm.

The cover is removable and is made of an alloy of polyester and cotton. The cover allows thorough washing to keep away sweat and odors.

Patients with painful conditions such as arthritis and other chronic muscular disorders will find the product useful. It is also a long-term solution to the disabled thanks to the durability of the material used.


The ergonomic memory foam used is hypo-allergenic and breathable. It comes with a removable zipped cover to allow washing.

The special design is intended for perfect fit and comfort. The curve provides enough space for movement during sleep.


Highest quality ergonomically designed material is used to provide softest feelings to reduce distractions from rest.