Larger Memory Foam Neck Pillow

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This pillow offers comfort in a special way. It is built by the softest possible yet supportive memory foam. The combination of high density and softest foam makes it extremely comfortable. It is able to provide comfort to the worst cases possible if used appropriately.


The larger memory foam has a lightweight design appropriate for travel, resting, or sitting. When dozing off on the road, this cushion offers incredible support whether on the seat or bed.

This product has a wider curve to mold perfectly on different head sizes. It can provide support without restricting movement as you sleep. The material used is high quality and does not compromise on softness. It measures 42x34x12 cm

This model is usable on a variety of places depending on the user’s needs.


The exterior fabric is water proof and resistant to dust and bacteria growth.

The large size of the ergonomic neck pillow makes it perfect for individual support and fit many different environments. Apart from softness, the special curve design also provides space for movement.

It is useful for patients with painful conditions such as arthritis and muscular disorders that weaken patients. Disabled individuals can also find it a long term solution.