Neck Pillow

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The neck pillow is the best companion for travel. It is molded to cushion your neck against bumpy rides while providing the right posture for adequate rest. The design curves around your neck to protect three pressure points from accidental movement while keeping your head upright.

The product is firm yet extremely soft at the same time. This is because high-density foam and softest foam are combined to provide extra comfort. It has the ability to instantly reduce neck tension during rest. It is usable while on bed seat or car-seat while on the road.


The neck pillow is made from combining soft cotton and polyester. The removable cover has a concealed zip for safety.

The high quality material makes it one of the best neck cushions available on the market currently. Unlike other rival products, this neck pillow has beads and other shredded material hat burst or compress to harden making it appropriate in different temperatures and conditions.


The pillow is hypo-allergenic and breathable for aeration. This property makes it useful in extreme weather.

The soft lux cover is removable and easy to clean as frequent as possible.

The special design improves fit and comfort for maximum rest. There is also space for movement during sleep.