Rolyan Gel Palm Shield

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The Rolyan Gel Palm Shield provides maximum comfort and is effortlessly modified to be suitable for any hand. It safeguards the patient’s hand, inhibiting finger contractions and skin ulcers and still keeping the hand in a comfortable place.


The Rolyan Gel Palm Shield is a health device used a lot to ease discomfort and give a soft cushion for hands and fists that are tightly closed.

The shield accords patients increased comfort with sensible to severe hand tightness. Concerning usage, it is proposed for patients who might have finger contractions and skin breakdowns.

The shield is also used to avoid pulling and tugging of patients on feeding tubes. It follows patients hand’s natural shape with a tender cone in the middle to maintain a comfortable grip for the wearer. The softgel is irritant-free and it supplements this device with a comfortable layer. It is also easy to wash.


The Shield is removable and soft. It has separators free of latex that position and separate the thumb and fingers, and this helps lessen skin ulcers. The splint can simply be modified to a patient’s hand size. Its material allows cooling of the skin and enhances perspiration. Also, it has finger pads that are easy to wash for hygiene purposes.

The dimensions of this shield are; 10 x 10 x 10 cm. It weighs 300 grams.