DJMed Orthotic ¾ Insoles – Shoe Inserts

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DJMed Orthotic insoles are built for heel and arch support. They are designed to provide comfort especially for people suffering from flat feet and fallen arches among other conditions. The model is essential in reduction of overfilling in tight fitting shoes.


The ¾-length shoe insert is contoured to adapt to the arch of the foot. They are therefore offer vital solutions to flat feet and over pronation. These inserts are reliable for their lightweight and ultimate comfort and support.

The products are best suited for enclosed footwear. The most appropriate shoes that are compatible include; athletic, work, dress, and casual shoes.

DJMed orthotic shoe inserts are designed to provide gentleness to people with flat feet, metatarsalgia, morton’s neuroma, sesamoiditis, plantar fasciitis, morton’s neuroma, and bursitis diabetic foot conditions among others.


They have an ergonomic heel cradle to increase stability as they contour to the heels’ natural shape and size. The material used enables strong medical grade support.

The DJMed orthotic model is flexible and comfortable for a variety of foot types. They can adjust to the pressure points and provide essential comfort for long hours.

They have the right amount of cushioning to increase stability and reduce pain.