DJMed Orthotic –Shoe Insoles

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DJMed Orthotic - Shoe Insoles aim at addressing arch problems and heel related conditions. Most people develop blisters and skin problems because of long walks and prolonged time in shoes while walking on hard surfaces. Athletics and related activities necessitate use of proper insole to protect heels from harsh environmental conditions. Accumulation of moisture because of wearing shoes for a long time can be avoided with these ergonomic insoles.

Unique features

The distinguishing feature of the insoles is extra cushioning. The manufacturer balances the amount of cushioning for comfort on different parts of the heel. While comfort is the main concern with people experiencing pain on heels and skin damage, the insole goes beyond comfort to provide stability. The main cause of pain and discomfort on this part of the leg is imbalance. Right amount of cushioning in the shoe guarantees proper spread of pressure hence healthy and comfortable legs. It also improves blood circulation.

The cushion allows heel flexibility.


DJMed Orthotic - Shoe Insoles are mainly nylon for durability. However, the exterior is cushioned to achieve the insoles purpose; flexibility, comfort, and balance. They are suitable for casual shoes, athletic shoes as well as work footwear.