DJMed Stamina Anti-Fatigue Soft Cushion Insoles

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DJMed Anti-fatigue insole cushions provide softness for vulnerable zones of the foot. They help to spread the weight evenly and relive pressure points. Continuous impact on injured spots cause fatigue especially when a lot of walking is involved.

They offer a feeling of relief from painful foot conditions, which make walking a tiring experience.


The model has a ventilated design to minimize overheating and sweating. Accumulated sweat causes odor.

The material used is a combination of high density and soft foam for firmness and comfort. The material is able to rebound even after a long period of continuous pressure when walking. The molded shape preserves your insoles for extended durability.

The model is designed to best fit enclosed footwear such as athletic, hiking, dress, work, and casual shoes.


They have Gel cores under the heel and metatarsal area to cushion against painful impact pressure on the zone. They also ensure the heel is raised at the edge cups to stabilize each step.

The DJMed stamina is made of unique medical grade materials for optimum softness

The model is best suited for patients suffering from metatarsal pain, Morton’s neuroma, plantar fasciitis, bursitis, Sesamoiditis, and Metatarsagia among other chronic foot conditions.