Soft Reusable Hot & Cold Gel Pack

Soft Reusable Hot & Cold Gel Pack

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The reusable hot and cold gel pack is an essential tool for people with sores or swollen muscles and joints. After the end of a long tiresome day or being injured, application of the gel helps yield relief. Some injuries require hot while others need cold relief. There are those that need a combination of both. It is therefore, a complete package for injuries and fatigue.


The product only comes in one size: 250 mm x 120 mm. It is compatible with many other gadgets such as the microwave for warming and fridge for cooling depending on the intended use.

It is built for durability, ease of cleaning, and softness to skin.


The hot and cold gel pack has proven very helpful to many people with injuries and fatigue on specific places on the body. It heals cool or warm inflamed tissue areas as well as reducing pain on the skin. The product quickens the skin healing process and minimizes tissue inflammation.

It is therefore useful in many nursing procedures and care institutions. From first aid rooms, clinical care facilities to family homes, the product has proven useful to a variety of medical issues. Apart from ongoing clinical use, it is also designed for home use.