SoftPro Functional Hand & Wrist Splint

SoftPro Functional Hand & Wrist Splint

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The softPro Functional hand and wrist splint is designed to support both mild and severe flexion contractures. It is able to provide reliable support to the hand, wrist, fingers, and thumb for extra comfort and faster healing. It helps the patient to get a good resting hard by aligning the wrist splints in order. This hand and wrist splint offers a gentle static positioning essential for consistent recovery.


The product is made of high quality material designed to maintain high standards of hygiene and comfort. The material is softened for extra comfort but also firm for ultimate static support.

The softPro hand and wrist splint is highly adjustable and easy to mold. You do not need heat or tools to conform it. Instead, it easily bends to fit the patient’s hand size and contours.


It comes with extra-long straps that allow adjustment for any hand size. These straps help to keep the fingers and thumb in a natural resting position. Safe and quick recovery is the most important role of the Hand and wrist splint.

The hand and wrist splint also comes with a padded cover made of anti-bacterial fabric to avoid infections. This keeps the equipment free from odors.