Acu-Life Finger Cot Splint, 2 PCS

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The Finger cot splint is a package that includes two finger splints; a large and small one. They are soft for comfort, firm to offer extra support, and tough to protect your finger from accidental turns. They are useful for securing an injured finger from further potential damage.


The finger cot splint is made from soft foam rubber for comfort. The patient can keep it for long hours without feeling numb. It also comes with a metal backing to provide support and protection from exterior objects that may cause further harm to the injured finger.

The cot splint has two reusable fasteners that replace the need for tape to secure splint. They are more convenient that tape because they are reusable.

They material is soft enough to take you all day without the need to change.


The model comes in two main sizes for the user’s preference. They are easy to slide onto the injured finger so there is no need for a manual. The model is perfect for both children and adults alike as the pack includes two different sizes.

The exterior lightweight metal shell is lined with soft foam for cushioning.