Ankle Brace, Stabilising

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The ankle is a sensitive part of the leg. A fracture and dislocation is not only painful but also limits movement. It is also a delicate part, which requires proper care. After experiencing an injury on the ankle, gentle treatment is the only way for quick and effective recovery. The muscles and ligaments on the ankle have to reconnect for proper functioning of the leg. Braces offer support and restrict movement on the ankle area to enhance the healing process. This particular ankle brace is designed to fit in shoes hence full time care of the ankle.


Most of the brace material is nylon, which intensifies its strength and support on the ankle. Nylon is also durable and flexible to feet sizes. The braces are fitted with elastic cuffs that enhance function of brace laces. The cuffs offer extra support to the ankle hence faster healing process. The ankle brace is only available in black color to prevent discoloration that comes with prolonged use.


Ankle brace is customized for quality and durability. It is perfect for elderly patients who are susceptible to weaknesses.

Adjustable cuffs and laces

Ambidextrous design

Quality nylon materials

Various sizes ranges

Perfect fitting for all sizes