Thumb Brace

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Thumb Brace

The Thumb brace is built for support of a patient’s hand. It is an effective static equipment to hold the thumb in place. It provides uniform pressure to cradle the thumb in place without squeezing it too tightly. It provides enough space for mobility. This freedom is essential to enhance blood circulation and activate the healing process.


The thumb brace has a traditional navy blue color to reduce creating attention while blending well with most colors. It has three straps to allow flexibility with the appropriate levels of pressure for quick healing.


The thumb brace comes with three straps to adjust pressure levels on the hand. It also allows the gadget to fit different hand sizes. Since thumb pain is not the same in all patients, different pressure levels is necessary to provide adequate comfort to the hand. Some people experience mild pain in the palm while others have extreme pain running deep in the joints. Adjusting the straps helps the equipment to fit a wide variety of hand shapes and sizes apart from the pain levels.

It has enough space for mobility so the user can have the freedom to proceed with their daily duties.