Oxygen Tank Holder Bag

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An oxygen tank is essential for any patient in need of extra support in breathing. The tank holder is designed for patients that spend most time on wheelchairs and bed. Oxygen tanks are sensitive to temperature and physical damage; it is important to keep the tanks free from any physical shock or elements. The best way to carry the tanks is covering them with this fabric and fastening the straps hence safety and convenience. Some wheelchairs are designed with bottle holders but some do not have; irrespective of the type of a patient’s wheelchair, this tank holder is crucial.

Unique features

The bag is fitted with adjustable straps that help in positioning of the holder and tanks in convenient places for mobility of the patient. The straps ensure oxygen tanks do not interfere with headrest position. The fabric is easy tough for durability. Oxygen tanks can be heavy depending on the recommended type; the holder bag straps ensure the weight is contained for as long as the patient needs the tanks.


The oxygen tank holder bag reduces effort in lifting and carrying around oxygen tanks. They are designed with adjustable buckles for easy fitting on wheelchairs.