Wheelchair Belt, Quick Release

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Wheelchair Belt, Quick Release

The wheelchair belt should not be ignored because it is a vital safety tool. It is practically useful for those patients who barely move and are completely dependent on the wheelchair for mobility. It not only secures the person but connects the parts of the wheelchair such as loops and kickspurs at the back.


The wheelchair belt is specifically designed to be flexible to help accommodate several body sizes and shapes.

The strong material used ensures strength and rigidity for support. This is necessary to boost safety and security of the user.

It is easy to install and operate the belt and buckles.

Most importantly, the material is waterproof and durable hence it eases the efforts towards care and maintenance.


The wheelchair comes in sizes ranging from 106 to 158 cm. They are universal hence usable on most wheelchairs around the globe.

The belt is black to withhold staining and discoloration. The material is tough and rugged hence easy to wash and dry. Machine cleaning is allowed on this product

It comes with a bright red push button, which is designed with utmost simplicity. It does not any form of learning on how to use it.