Liberty Nebuliser Mask - Adult

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Liberty Nebuliser mask is made of soft vinyl to provide a comfortable but tight seal. It is especially useful for adult patients who are on inhaled treatment. If you have a patient with breathing complications, the liberty nebulizer mask is handy equipment.

This equipment is designed to provide accurate medication dosage. It has a transparent bowl, which has clearly marked graduations to enhance precision in dosage administration. The plain marks are easy to read and help the nursing staff to easily observe droplet accumulation within the mask. Accurate monitoring of the mask ensures the appropriate flow of medication to your patient. To keep the mask in place, it comes with a flexible elastic band.

For appropriate use, connect the mask to the air compressor by a nebulizer bowl. It also comes with 2 meters of transparent latex-free tubing. This part is connected to the mask by a swivel to allow patient movement. All the parts of the mask are odor-free for the patients’ comfort.

Apart from the soft vinyl mask and swivel connection, this set includes a graduated jet nebulizer bowl with a flow range of between 4 and 12 LPM. It measures 7x7x7cm and weighs only 0.1 kg